students and
teachers to Country

Welcoming students and teachers to Country

Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University has a strong commitment to reconciliation and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tradition. That’s why they approached us to help them create a series of impactful Welcome to Country videos for each of their seven campuses.

The brief

Producing a Welcome to Country is always special, but perhaps more so when an organisation is undertaking it for the first time and on such a big scale. ACU commissioned Carbon to do just that, wanting a visually exhilarating experience that respectfully captured the unique story of the Traditional Owners upon which their seven campuses are built.

The good

From Brisbane to Melbourne, Traditional Owners and Elders came together to tell their story and welcome ACU students and educators onto Country. Each Welcome to Country is unique in its celebration of culture, history and tradition.

The impact

The end product was a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tradition and culture, and a powerful vehicle for reconciliation and learning. It’s a powerful introduction and welcome to students and visitors to ACU campuses.


2019 AGDA Finalist, Design For Good category
2019 BADC Silver Winner, Large Format



A Welcome to Country is a powerful vehicle for reconciliation.


Traditional Owners across seven Countries on seven campuses share their culture.

Each Welcome to Country unique in its culture and delivery, is a visually exhilarating celebration.